Airport & Port Guides

Local guides for the Santorini Airport, Port and Cruise port

The main port of Santorini which is mainly used by the passenger ferries is named Athinios port and it is also known as the “new port” of Santorini. There is another port on the island named “Skala” and everybody knows it as the “old port” of Santorini.
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The location of the airport is on the southeastern side of Santorini, very close to the beaches of Agia Paraskevi and Monolithos. This airport was established in 1972 and the most recent renovation was completed in 2022. After this renovation everything works more smoothly and properly, especially for the travellers.
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Santorini cruise port is named Skala originally, but most of the people on the island know it as the old port of Santorini. Before the construction of Athinios Port, the port of Skala used to serve every boat or ship that was coming to Santorini. After the establishment of the “new” port of Athinios, Skala...
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