Santorini for your honeymoon? This is the best time to visit

Santorini - a magical destination

If you are thinking where to celebrate your honeymoon, the best and most romantique destination is the island of Thera or Santorini!

The island of Santorini is one of prettiest and most popular destinations for honeymooners to visit. With breathtaking views, traditional villages and unique volcanic wines is very easy to fulfill almost everyone’s preferences.

But when is the most suitable time of the year to visit this volcanic island for your honeymoon?

The best time to celebrate your honeymoon in Santorini

The touristic season for the island of  Thera is about 8 months, starts from March and lasts till October.

March & April

During this period the weather most of days is cold. This is one of the reasons why not so many couples choose to have their post-nuptial vacation time in Santorini. The island is quiet enough and some days feels like empty, because not all of the businesses and shops are open yet.

It is considered as a good choice for travellers who do not mind if they can’t swim or they do not have so many choices of restaurants, bars, etc. The prices of the accommodation are cheaper and is very easy to find availability. Thus, you can have a suite with a private hot swimming pool or a jacuzzi in a very good price.

May & October

Spring or autumn in Santorini is one of the most preferable times of the year for a married couple’s honeymoon  they can enjoy a more relaxed wedding trip. The weather is moderately hot and the island is neither very crowded, nor very quiet.

In addition, during October there are still people going sunbathing and swimming as the sea is still warm.

June, July, August & September

This is generally the summer season in Greece, which means that many couples visit the island of Santorini to celebrate their honeymoon. However, islands across the country are much busier. If you’re thinking of somewhere more vibrant and warmer to celebrate your honeymoon, this is the best time to holiday in Santorini.

The island’s nightlife is also livelier, so you can enjoy a few night cocktails at a nice cliffside bar.

When is the ideal time for honeymooners to visit Santorini?

Overall, for those who want to relax, the most suitable time to come to Santorini is the beginning and the end of the tourist season. Although there is only the disadvantage of relatively cold waters to enjoy the beaches.

Then, the months between the beginning and the end is where the peak season for the island begins, but there are countless options of shops and restaurants to reach. In addition, honeymooners can enjoy more beach time compared to the other months.

In addition, many surveys have proven that most newlywed couples prefer to visit Santorini in the months of May, June, July and September. But as Thira is such a beautiful destination that every couple should visit at least once in their lives, the time period doesn’t matter. Consequently, it is up to the bride and groom to choose when is the most appropriate time to plan this trip.

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