Kamari Beach Santorini

General information about Kamari Beach

Kamari is a coastal village that offers a nice blend of relaxation on the beach and culture. The beach is very popular for its pristine black sand and the clear blue waters.

There is a long pedestrian road next to the coast which is packed with shops, restaurants and bars, thus it is able to please everybody’s needs by enjoying shopping, or relaxing while having a drink with some local tastes next to the sea.

The beach has a blue flag and lifeguards.


Things to do in Kamari village

A very interesting attraction nearby Kamari beach, is the ancient’ Thira archeological site which is an impressive collection of ruins from the ancient city of Thira. The site is located on the mountain of Mesa vouno next to the beach and offers a panoramic view to the village of Kamari, the Aegean Sea and the countryside around the village.

At night there are some bars around the beach for those who are seeking a lively atmosphere. The open-air cinema, is also a very nice choice to relax, where you can watch a movie with the stars above you.

Additionally, 3 wineries are located before the village and one of the local beer breweries of Santorini is located a few kilometers outside the village.

How can somebody reach Fira & Oia?

Kamari is about 7,7km far from the capital of Fira and 20,4km far from Oia. There are many bus stations around the village, but no taxi station. The local bus from Kamari goes to the central bus station in Fira. Thus, if somebody wish to visit Oia, they have to buy one more ticket and to use a second bus from Fira to get there.

If you want to take a taxi you can ask your hotel to arrange one for you, or you can always book one online. By pre-booking a taxi for your transportation around the island of Santorini, you can rest assured that a private car will be there for you at the time you need it. 

How far is Kamari from the airport?

The airport is 5,8km far from the village. To get there you can use the bus, but you have to get to Fira first and from there to exchange it and take the one for the airport, you can take a taxi from the street or you can book one online.By booking a cab online you can save time of your vacation and make your trip stress-free without delays.

How far is Kamari from the port?

The distance between the village and the port is about 9,5km. To be there on time you need to start a lot earlier if you are planning to use the public transportation, as there isn’t a bus that goes straight to the port or the opposite. The choice of a taxi is better and seems more suitable for those who are planing to stay in Kamari, the pre-booked taxi online is safer to get to the port punctually without waisting your time.

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