Perissa Beach Santorini

General information about Perissa Beach

The beach of Perissa is a very famous seaside on the island of Santorini. Because of its soft volcanic black sand, the crystal clean waters and the very good food. This beach is the largest one on the island, in fact there are 3 beaches in a row which are connected together so don’t be confused if you see the names of Perivolos or Agios Georgios (Saint George).

The beaches of Perissa, Perivolos and Agios Georgios have a blue flag and lifeguards.


Restaurants, beach bars and activities

As it is a huge beach, Perissa has plenty of choices to cover every different interest of its visitors. From very lively beach bars to the more relaxing one, nice restaurants, traditional tavernas, shops and water sport activities. Most of the parts of this beach are well-organized providing sun beds and umbrellas. Moreover there are also enough sandy parts which are free for everybody to sunbathe.

In the afternoon the biggest part of the road between the shops and the sand is closed for the vehicles. Thus it is converted into a pedestrian road. This part is where most of the restaurants and the bars are located.

How to get to Fira?

The distance from Perissa Beach to Fira is about 12,2km. There are bus stations on the central road from Emporio village to the beach. After that there is one more on the beach road nearby a beach bar and the parking lot of Perivolos beach.

Apart from the buses, taxis is another option that somebody can use. The choice of renting a car as it is not very difficult to find a parking space nearby the beach it is also a good one.

How far is Perissa Beach from the airport?

The distance between the beach and the airport is about 13,5km (8,20 miles). With the public transportation it is necessary to go to Fira first and from there to take another bus for the airport. Then is the option of calling a taxi or booking one online.

How far is Perissa Beach from the port?

The distance to get to the port from the beach is about 11km (6,8 miles). There is no bus which goes straight there so getting to Fira first is needed. The taxi option is always a good choice for getting there on time, you can call or you can order one online.

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