Santorini Port – Everything you need to know before your arrival or departure

Santorini Athinios Port, separation with the Old port

The main port of Santorini which is used by the passenger ferries, is named Athinios port and it is also known as the “new harbor” of Santorini. There is another port on the island named “Skala” and everybody knows it as the “old port” of Santorini or the cruise port of Thera. The old port of Santorini was the first port constructed on the island and nowadays, only big cruise ships use this port.

Every passenger ferry arrives and departs at Athinios port.

The passengers’ ferry port of Santorini is located on the southwest side of the island and the only way to get there is to drive the road from the top of the mountain till the bottom to reach the coast. If you decide to rent a vehicle and drive to this road by yourself, please be very careful of the twists and turns of this road.
Also, during the busy months of the year (summertime), it is recommended to start from your hotel about 2 hours before your ferry's departure. The road heading to the port is tiny and very busy at the same time, something which makes it more difficult to get there. Every boat company suggests to the passengers that they should be at Santorini Port at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure.
The old harbor of Santorini is located in Fira which is the capital of the island and there is no road to drive there. If somebody wants to get there, they can use the cable-car (teleferik) to go up and down, or they can walk through the 587 steps.
Athinios Port Santorini

Santorini Port Facilities:

Ferry tickets offices

Santorini port has 2 ferry tickets offices, the first one while entering the port is located nearby the exit after the last restaurant and it is named “Dakoutros travel, Blue star office” and the second one is located between the two mini- markets nearby the centre of the port named “Nomikos travel, Seajets office”. In both offices you will find ferry tickets for all the ferry companies.

Shops, restaurants and cafés

There are about 3 different restaurants and 4 different cafés where somebody can have a break while waiting for their ferry to depart. While walking along the harbor it is very easy to spot them as the port is very small. Furthermore, there are 2 small mini-markets where you will find snacks, water and souvenirs from Santorini.


2 ATMS are located at Santorini Athinios port, you will find the first one at the gate 4 and the second one next to the ferry tickets office “Dakoutros travel, Blue star” nearby the exit.

Currency Exchange

Unfortunately there is no currency exchange office at the port till today, but you will find more than one at the capital of Santorini Fira.
Because of its location, the port of Santorini is very far from every village of the island for somebody to go on foot. That makes the use of transportation service inevitable. There are 3 options of transportation service available.

Buses at Athinios port

For every ferry arrival usually there are 2 buses waiting, even when there are more than one ferries arriving at the same time or within a few minutes difference. If the buses leave the port full of people from the first ferry arrival then the next available bus will be there in more than 1 hour later. As a result the travellers have to be prepared and have a second option in case there is no available bus.
The cost of the ticket is usually about 3€ and you will pay for it when you get on the bus.
Every bus which starts from the harbor of Santorini is going to the central bus station which is located in Fira. Consequently if somebody wants to go somewhere else expect Fira, they have to reach Fira first and then from there take another bus to get to their destination, this will take more than 2,30 hours, always depending on the availability of the buses and the distance of your final destination.

Santorini port taxi

You can find some taxis waiting at the taxi station next to the bus station, but as there is a general problem on the island with the number of Santorini taxis, it is very difficult to grab one especially if you are not one of the first passengers getting out of the boat. In other words, it is impossible for all these thousands of people arriving every day on the island to accommodate their transportation needs in around 40 taxis in Santorini.
Furthermore, all taxis in Santorini have standard price rates and they do not use taximeters, so before taking a taxi it would be advisable for you to agree on the price in advance, otherwise you have to pay whatever the driver asks you at the end of the ride. Moreover, you will need to arrange the way of the payment before, because not every taxi accepts credit cards.
Most of the taxis in Santorini can take maximum 3-4 passengers at the same time. Consequently, for a big family or a big group of friends comprised of 5 and more people, you will need to find more available cars at the same time or mini van taxi.

Pre-booked Santorini port taxis & transfers

The best and most carefree way to arrive or depart from Athinios ferry port is to book online in advance a private transfer or taxi. With this option, you will avoid the crowds and wasting your time waiting in long queues under the scorching sun (especially during the summertime).

Pre-booked Santorini port taxis & transfers prices are standard and already paid online; therefore, you don’t have to carry cash with you. Furthermore, the private taxis & transfers costs about the same as a taxi from the rank. It is recommended that you pre-order one before your arrival if you want to be there on time to pick you up and enjoy your trip.

By booking with Cozypickups, you can be sure that a nice air-conditioned car with a friendly, English-speaking driver is waiting for you, holding a sign with your name. Moreover, you will secure a reliable standard rate-fee without “hidden” charges and delays.

Additionally, with the pre-booked taxi transfers, there is no limitation on the number of the passengers. If you are a big family or a big group of friends, you can order a big van or even a couch that can fit all of you inside, as the Cozypickups fleet is comprised of comfortable sedans, mini-vans, and spacious vans.

Additionally, with the pre-booked taxi transfers there is no limitation about the number of the passengers. If you are a big family or a big group of friends you can order a big van or even a couch that can fit all of you inside, as the Cozy pickups fleet is comprised of comfortable sedans, mini-vans and spacious vans.

Benefits of booking online:

  • Ferry monitoring for any delays
  • Air-conditioned and comfortable cars
  • English-speaking drivers
  • Standard pre-paid rate fee without extra charges
  • 24/7 Customer’s support
  • Private vehicles


the dock of Athinios Port in Santorini

Price list for popular destinations from Santorini Port :

Santorini Athinios port to Fira / Imerovigli

Company Duration Distance People Price
Cozy pickups 25 min 8.5 km
(5.3 miles)
1-3 36-40 €
Taxi 25 min 8.5 km
(5.3 miles)
1-3 36-40 €
Bus 45 min 8.5 km
(5.3 miles)
1 3,50 €

Santorini Athinios port to Oia

Company Duration Distance People Price
Cozy pickups 45 min 23 km
(14,3 miles)
1-3 50-60 €
Taxi 45 min 23 km
(14,3 miles)
1-3 50-60 €
Bus 105 min 23 km
(14,3 miles)
1 6,00 €

Santorini Athinios port to Santorini airport

Company Duration Distance People Price
Cozy pickups 25 min 10 km
(6,2 miles)
1-3 45-55 €
Taxi 25 min 10 km
(6,2 miles)
1-3 45-55 €
Bus 70 min 10 km
(6,2 miles)
1 6,00 €

Santorini Athinios port to Akrotiri

Company Duration Distance People Price
Cozy pickups 30 min 9 km
1-3 36-45 €
Taxi 30 min 9 km
1-3 36-45 €
Bus 65 min 9 km
1 6,00 €

Santorini Athinios port to Kamari / Perissa

Company Duration Distance People Price
Cozy pickups 30 min 10,9 km
(6,8 miles)
1-3 36-40 €
Taxi 30 min 10,9 km
(6,8 miles)
1-3 36-40 €
Bus 65 min 10,9 km
(6,8 miles)
1 6,00 €

Frequently Asked Questions about Athinios Ferry Port

How early should I be at the port ?

The port of Santorini is very small and extremely busy sometimes during the summertime (June – September). The recommended time to be there if you are traveling by boat is at least one hour before your ferry’s scheduled departure time. Also, in case that you need information about the gate or the boat, it is preferable to ask the port authority or an authorized boat tickets office.

Where can I take a taxi from my hotel to Athinios Port ?

You can find a taxi at one of the ranks, but most of the time you have to wait until the next available taxi, as there are only 40 taxis all over Santorini. The most convenient way is to book online your transfer from the hotel to the port as you can rest assured that a car will be there only for you at the exact time you need it. You can book your transport online with Cozypickups.

Where can I buy ferry tickets at the port ?

There are two ferry tickets offices located at Athinios Port where anybody can buy tickets (Dakoutros travel office, “Blue star” and Nomikos travel, office “Seajets”). Nevertheless, it would be wise to avoid buying your tickets on the day of your trip from the port. Usually, the ticket agencies of Athinios Port are full of people searching for information or trying to buy a last-minute ticket. In addition, sometimes you may not find an available ticket as Santorini is a very busy destination, which means that many people leave and come every day.

Where do I meet with the driver if I book a transfer online ?

You will find your driver by holding a sign with your name written on it, nearby where the ferry docks.

Drivers holding signs at Athinios ferry port

Athinios Port useful numbers

  • Athinios Port Authority: +302286025015
  • Santorini Port Authority: +302286022239
  • Municipal Port Fund of Santorini: +302286028362
  • Security Control Center for Port Facilities: +302286021892

Other Ports Authorities numbers

  • Piraeus Port Authority (Athens): +30210422600
  • Mykonos Port Authority: +302289022218
  • Paros Port Authority: +302284021240
  • Naxos Port Authority: +302285031224
  • Folegandros Port Authority: +302286041198
  • Chania Port Authority (Crete) : +302821098888
  • Rethymno Port Authority (Crete) : +302831020248
  • Heraklion Port Authority (Crete) : +302810338115

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