Taste the wines of Santorini

The uniqueness of Santorini lies not only on its incredible views, but also on its delicious volcanic wines.

In the last few years the wines of Santorini have become more and more popular all over the world, as many travellers who taste them are impressed by their tasty and aromatic varieties. The tradition of winemaking dates back to the Prehistoric times for the island of Thera, something that was proven after the excavations in the ancient city of Akrotiri. These days, there are more than 10 wineries established in Santorini and the visitors have the opportunity to choose between modern, traditional, even artistic museum wineries and taste these unique varieties.

Santorini wine varieties

Wine lovers will find many different options of finest wine varieties, when they visit the majestic volcanic island of Santorini. Some of the well-known selections of Santorini wines are:

Assyrtiko: The most famous Greek wine which is produced not only in Santorini but, almost in the whole country. The wine of Assyrtiko tastes similar to Sauvignon Blanc and is a light dry wine with citrus fruit flavors.

Vinsanto: This is the traditional wine of Santorini. Vinsanto has a golden color, smells like red wine and it is very sweet; even though it is produced from white grapes.

Nykteri: Dry white wine with high alcohol content, made from overripe grapes and barreled for more than 4 months.

Aidani: This white wine is also a dry one with floral aromas and acidity. Also it is produced from a different type of grape than Assyrtiko. Aidani grapes usually mature more slowly compared to the other varieties that Santorini produces.

Athiri:  A fruity flavored wine, with a metallic character, and primarily mixed with Assyrtiko. The grapes of Athiri mainly grow in Santorini and you can find them in great quantities as they are easy enough to cultivate.

Mavrotragano:  One of the most popular red wines which is produced in Santorini. Mavrotragano is a dry wine and has a deep red color. This variety has a limited production as there are not so many grapes growing on the island, compared to other varieties.

Santorini Wine tasting tours & experiences

Santorini has many wineries, almost in every part of the island, which makes it easier for every traveller to visit one of them. Every winery on the island offers wine tasting tours inside the cellars or around the vineyards. Some smaller wineries are not so easy to find or at the most famous ones it is difficult to make a reservation during the busy months, this is the reason why many visitors prefer to book a complete wine tour.

The Santorini wine tasting tours are one of the most popular activities on the island ; these tours offer a visit at up to 3 different wineries, with hotel pick up and drop off (it is not so nice to drive when drinking and also dangerous on Santorini’s windy roads) and 10-13 wines to taste.

Looking for the ultimate experience of wine tasting tours in Santorini? Choose between one of the biggest wine tour selections in Santorini. Find the wine tasting tour that suits you the bese and experience the unique Santorini volcanic wine!

Explore traditional wineries and savor tasty volcanic wines

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