Oia Santorini

Oia, the picture-postcard village of Santorini

Oia Santorini the picturesque village which is known for its amazing views, the white-washed buildings and the iconic blue domed churches. This village is located on the Northwestern side of Santorini and in Greek it is pronounced Ia.

The village of Oia is a very old and historic place of the island. It is said that the first created settlement there dates back to the 12th century BC.

Nowadays, Oia is the most popular place of Santorini for somebody to see the sunset. What makes it different from all the other places is the unique atmosphere and the outstanding landscape. People from every corner of the island gather there to see and experience the most beautiful sunset around the world.

Restaurants, bars and shops in Oia

Aside from its amazing views and architecture, Oia has many delicate restaurants, shops and hotels. By taking a walk through its narrow alleys you will find some galleries, local shops and samples of the local cuisine, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Museums and historical sites

Oia has also a very rich history, and there are two museums in this village: The private Maritime Museum and the Byzantine Museum of Music Instruments. Additionally, you can visit and explore the Venetian Castle which is maybe the perfect place to see the sunset.

Beaches in Oia?

Even though there are no beaches in this settlement. The closest beach to Oia is the Katharos beach and the distance between them is about 1-1,5 km. Keep in mind that the path which leads to this beach is steep and rocky.

Another choice of swimming nearby there is Ammoudi Bay. This place is not a beach either, but there are some rocks from which people often jump into the water. The bay is also known for its very good fish taverns and fish restaurants. If you want to have a lunch or a sunset dinner at Ammoudi bay, a reservation in advance is necessary.

Another small bay which is in Oia is named Armeni Bay, but the difficult access makes it a little bit uncomfortable to get there.


Oia transportation options

The Bus station and the taxi station are both located in the square of Oia. You can also book a taxi online to visit the other places of the island or to get to the beaches.

Distance to the most popular beaches of Santorini
  • Exo gialos beach: 13,8 km (8,7 miles)
  • Perissa beach: 26,1km (16,2 miles)
  • Kamari beach: 20,4 km (12,5 miles)
  • Red Beach: 26 km (16,1 miles)

How far is from Oia to the airport?

The airport is about 17 km (10,5 miles) far from the village of Oia. You can take a taxi or a Bus from the main square to get there. So as not to wait and waste your time you can also book a taxi online.

How far is from Oia to the port?

The port is further than the airport 23 km (14,3 miles) far from Oia. To get there you can use the public transportation again or take a taxi from the taxi station. To be sure that you will not miss your ferry and that you will be to the port on time is better to pre- order a taxi online to pick you up.

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