Santorini in a day – Best things to do

The best things to do if you visit Santorini for a day

In this article, you will find useful and interesting information about the island’s most important places and sights, which every traveler should visit and experience on a day trip at Santorini.

Highly recommended for cruise travelers and day trippers from Crete and other islands.

Santorini day trip – Overview

The island of Santorini, or Thera, is known as the diamond of the Greek islands and the Aegean Sea. When someone visits Santorini, it is impossible not to be amazed by the stunning views of the white and blue buildings on the trim of Caldera Cliff combined with the crystal blue water. 

This volcanic island also offers every visitor a glimpse of history and culture as they can walk inside local areas, taste traditional wines, and explore archeological sites.

Lastly, the gorgeous and rare volcanic beaches of Santorini (black and red sand beaches) that every traveler can enjoy, relax, and swim in a few hours visit.

The small size and shape of the island make it possible to see the highlights and the most important places of Santorini in one day.

The marine's village of Oia

Explore and walk through the whitewashed alleys of the Instagram picture village of Santorini, stop by local shops, and taste homemade frozen yogurt and ice cream. Admire the caldera view from the Venetian castle located at the end of the cliff and see the small harbor of Ammoudi Bay from the top. Walking around this Cycladic village, you will have the opportunity to photograph the famous blue-domed churches of Santorini..

the most beautiful village of Santorini Oia in one day visit

The cosmopolitan capital of Santorini, Fira or Thera

The center of Thera is the biggest shopping area on the island, which means that this is the best place for somebody to buy souvenirs and gifts. Moreover, in Fira, there are located some art galleries and museums that offer a more sophisticated view of the island’s local history and culture. 

Before Fira, you can take a quick stop at the village of Firostefani and find another one blue domed church. This church is regarded as one of the best spots for photo sessions because of the clear view of the volcano and the island of Therassia, behind the church. 

The traditional village of Pyrgos with the Monastery at the highest point of the island

This village used to be the old capital of the island, about 200 years ago. It is very famous for its different structures and the ruins of the Kastelli fortress in the center of the village. Here you can taste some local flavors and some very good wine too. 

Furthermore, it is worth taking a look inside the small shops in the narrow streets of the village and find two of the most beautiful mansions of Santorini, Villa Ioulia and Zannos Melathron.

After the village of Pyrgos, it’s time to walk inside one of the oldest active monasteries of the island and relax while enjoying a panoramic view from its peaceful and calm yard. 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to buy some local treats and wine, produced by the monks and, of course, to get inside and admire this holy place.

Santorini-in-a-day-Pyrgos village

The prehistoric city at the village of Akrotiri

Visit the Prehistoric City of Akrotiri, which is one of the most important parts of the island’s history. One of the earliest civilizations in the Aegean Sea was constructed there, and it was destroyed after the eruption of the volcano. This ancient town dates back to the 4th millennium BC. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk inside this ancient town and see the wall paintings and the well-preserved furniture vessels.


The unique volcanic beaches

The Red beach of Santorini, one of the most popular volcanic beaches around the world, is known for its deep red color. This beach constitutes a creation of the volcanic eruption from the 15th century BC. Take pictures from the top, but be careful of the rocky ground. 

Next, walk, swim, and relax at the black sand beach. The black sand beaches of Santorini are the most preferred for swimming as the access to the water is easier, and they are well-organized beaches. There you will find loads of restaurants with very good food, shops and beach bars and of course many sun beds with umbrellas.



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