Imerovigli Santorini

Imerovigli, the romantic village of Santorini

The small and romantic village of Imerovigli is located at the top of caldera cliff, at an altitude of 500 meters which makes it the highest located village on the cliffside of Santorini.

Imerovigli has a very good location because is nearby the capital (easy to walk to) of Santorini, Fira. The distance is about 2,5 km and at the same time is more quiet and relaxing as it is outside of the hustle and bustle of the center. With its classical Cycladic architecture and the breathtaking views, it is considered to be one of the best places to stay in Santorini.


Attractions, restaurants & shops

The main attraction of Imerovigli is the Skaros Rock. There you will find the ruins of a very old castle from the 13 th century which was on duty for seeking and repel pirates till the 18 th century. After a devastating earthquake the castle of Skaros was demolished. Today people can take the hiking trail to visit and admire the view from this point of caldera.

Of course there are enough restaurants and bars in this village and shops, but not as many as in Fira. In Imerovigli you will find some very tasty small restaurants with eclectic gastronomy and very good wine in some points of caldera with amazing view.

About transportation there are some bus stops on the main road heading to the center. But there isn’t a taxi station somewhere nearby. You can stop a taxi from the street sometimes (luck is needed), but you can make it easier by booking one online.

Beaches in Imerovigli?

Unfortunately, there are no beaches nearby where you can get by walking, but the distance by car or a taxi is not that far to visit them.

Distance to some of the most popular beaches in Santorini

  • Exo gialos beach: 5,1 km (3,1 miles)
  • Perissa beach: 14 km (8,7 miles)
  • Kamari beach: 9,5 km (5,1 miles)
  • Red Beach: 13,9 km (8,7 miles)

How far is Imerovigli from the airport?

The airport is about 8,1 km (5 miles) far from the village. You have the choice of calling a taxi, taking a bus from Imerovigli to Fira and from there another one to the airport or you can book a taxi online as it is easier and faster way to get there.

How far is Imerovigli from the port?

The port is 10 km (6,2 miles) far from the settlement of Imerovigli. You can take the bus which goes straight there from Fira where is the central bus station, or a taxi after you have called one because there is no taxi hub around. But it is always easier to book one online and reach the port on time.

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